Acknowledgements and Recommendations


We would like to thank The Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) Breastfeeding Promotion Workgroup for providing the framework for this curriculum.

We would like to thank Renee Greene, Family and Consumer Sciences Department Chair, Pike High School, Indianapolis, Indiana for her valuable review of this curriculum.

We would like to thank Yvonne Beasley, M.N., R.N., director of Maternal and Child Health, Marion County Public Health Department for her valuable review of this curriculum.

This curriculum meets the Indiana Academic Standards for Consumer and Family Sciences Child Development and Parenting course. These can be found here.


December 9, 2011

To Whom It May Concern,

RE: Breastfeeding Curriculum

I am a teacher at Pike High School, Indianapolis, Indiana. I teach approximately one hundred students per semester in my Child Development & Parenting classes. Breastfeeding is a unit in the curriculum. The students are very interested in the subject and have many questions and misconceptions about breastfeeding. One year ago, I invited Pam Desir and Pam Averill, both registered lactation consultants, to come to my classes to give a presentation on breastfeeding. I liked the information and activities they taught my students. The curriculum has great content, is well organized, professional, and appropriately paced. The presentation was well received by my students.

Both Pams have created an expanded version of the curriculum they presented to my classes. They have shared it with me, and I was fortunate enough to review it. I think it is very well written with excellent information about breastfeeding. The facts, activities, games, projects, background information, and references would be appreciated by all teachers who teach students as well as adults about breastfeeding. This curriculum would be a wonderful resource in that it is very flexible. A teacher could choose to teach the entire plan or pull certain activities and information as time allowed for teaching the unit.

In summary, I would highly recommend that this curriculum be published and made available on a website for teachers to download. I personally would use it and I know many other teachers around the state would also use it in their classrooms.

Renée Greene,
Pike High School
5401 W. 71 Street
Indianapolis, IN 46268