Indianapolis Healthy Babies

To contact the Indianapolis Healthy Babies coordinator, please call: 317-221-2313

Indianapolis Healthy Babies is the focus of Health and Hospital Corporation’s infant mortality reduction efforts. During the mid-1980s, Indianapolis had the highest Black infant mortality rate -- and of the highest overall rates -- in the nation. The infant mortality rate is calculated as the number of babies who die before their first birthday per 1,000 live births. The Indianapolis Campaign for Healthy Babies was formed as a public-private partnership to develop resources and strategies to reduce infant mortality. When the Campaign completed its three year work plan in 1992, the Health and Hospital Board of Trustees voted to assume responsibility for its purpose and mission. The result is Indianapolis Healthy Babies, which is organizationally housed in the Corporation’s Public Health Division (Marion County Health Department, where it works closely with the Maternal Child Health program, Mother Baby Healthline, Women Infant Children (WIC) program, and other department programs working to improve the health of babies and their families.

The Consortia has been expanded to approximately 140 members and represents local hospitals, community based organizations, health professionals, social workers, researchers, neighborhood associations, local policy makers, and social service organizations. The committees are currently in the process of developing policies and strategies to address the issues uncovered in the FIMR process. The committees are as follows:

Executive Committee: Composed of the Healthy Babies Medical Directors, Overall Chair of the Consortia, and the Chairs of each of the Consortia Committees. The Executive Committee is responsible for providing leadership and oversight for the Consortia and for the overall planning and execution of the County's efforts on infant mortality.

Data Collection: This committee is charged with reviewing data from the FIMR process, and to develop strategies to improve the collection and dissemination of key data related to infant mortality.

Substance Abuse Committee: This committee is charged with improving the identification of substance abusing pregnant women, assuring the access to effective and appropriate treatment programs, and follow-up services.

Pre-and Post Natal Education: This committee will address improving the delivery of prenatal care and post-partum education, assure high-risk women have access to the number of social service programs available to assist them: Medicaid, WIC, Care Coordination, etc. The will also address issues such as: maternal smoking, nutrition, SIDS, and prenatal risk assessment.

Community Outreach: Based on the strategies developed by the other committees, this committee will be charged with educating and mobilizing the community around the recommendations of the Consortia.

Provider Outreach: Based on the policy recommendations of the Consortia, this committee will seek to educate medical providers about these policies and work to implement them.