To contact the Immunization Program,
call 317/221-2122
or write:
Immunization Program
Marion County Health Department
3838 N. Rural St.
Indianapolis, IN 46205

Immunizations are an important investment during every child's preschool, school-age and teen years that help assure children the rewards of a healthy life and prevent serious problems.

The Immunization Program of the Marion County Health Department provides immunization services to children, adolescents and adults through regularly scheduled clinics and targeted community outreach programs. The program assists schools in monitoring immunization status of students and provides tracking and follow-up of high risk pre-school children. Adult immunizations are available for individuals involved in high-risk lifestyles and occupations, as well as immigrants. The Immunization Program offers pneumococcal and annual flu shots for older adults.

The Marion County Health Department's Immunization Program also provides leadership for the Indianapolis Immunization Coalition. The Coalition is a group of businesses and organizations working together to promote education and community action on the necessity of timely childhood immunizations. Through special events and the development of educational programs and materials the Coalition encourages cooperation with many different partners at the grassroots level to create a community that recognizes, demands and helps build systems that maintain childhood immunizations as a priority.

For information regarding the recommended immunization schedule or where your child may obtain shots in Marion County, please "visit" Marion County Health Department Immunization Sites (Service Delivery).