Marion County West Nile Virus News

Mosquito, Rodent and Environmental Control

Mosquito Control

In 1996 and 1997, program activities focused on monitoring two areas in Marion County identified as having exotic Asian tiger mosquito (aedes albopictus) populations. A new biolarvicide was used successfully to reduce the number of mosquitoes in these areas. Intensive monitoring continues in an effort to determine populations and areas of distribution.

Timely response to citizen complaints remains a top priority of the program. All calls were responded to within 24 hours. Due to heavy rainfall, the Health Department responded to a record number of complaints in 1996.

We continue to educate the community about the dangers of mosquitoes. Activities are directed at school-age children in the hope that messages learned at an early age will be carried throughout life. In 1997, 49 school presentations were given to students in Marion County.

Rodent and Environmental Control

During 1996 and 1997, Rodent Control personnel continued to aggressively identify rat infestations through door-to-door surveys, referrals, outside social service agencies and citizen complaints. Rodent control personnel attended hantavirus seminars and conveyed timely information to the community through various media outlets.

In 1996 and 1997, Environmental Control staff removed health hazards from numerous abandoned properties in Marion County, including high weeds, trash, rubbish, metal, wood and other debris.

Rodent control personnel made 174 and 165 educational presentations in 1996 and 1997, respectively. Tool loans have increased annually with a record 288 loans to community organizations in 1997. Letters of introduction were sent to block clubs, civic organizations, community groups, schools and individuals in an effort to inform them of the environmental control services available.

Mosquito Contol



Inspections of Mosquito Breeding Sites 14,547 14,816
Mosquito Breeding Sites Treated 8,068 6,979
Adulticiding, Lineal Miles Sprayed 10,996 5,725
Complaint Services, Adulticiding 8,964 3,731
Combination Complaints 1,480 693

Rodent and Environmental Control

   1996 1997
 Total Premises Baited for Rodents  1,813 1,338
 Abandoned Property Cleanups  625 762
 Assisted Cleanups of Neighborhoods  245 433
 Total Wt(lbs.) of trash removed 3,232,480 4,144,180
 Educational Presentations 174 165

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